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Microstock Keyword Tools

Keywording your images is grueling work.  Finding the best keywords and brainstorming for enough keywords can be tough.  Luckily there are a variety of tools to help microstock photographers find the words they need.

microstock keyword toolKeyword Research

There are a number of online keyword research tools which prove very helpful.  Here are a few of them.

Microstock Group Keyword Tool – This is a tool for researching keywords.  The tool searches the Shutterstock site looking for images similar to your own then provides you with a list of keywords from which to pick from.  The layout is designed for speed and efficiency with large easy to click buttons.  Javascript is highly used to keep page reloads to a minimum.  The tool can create a keyword list n a variety of languages and sort photos, vectors and illustrations separately.

Keyword Comparision Tool – MicrostockGroup also has a keyword comparison tool.  This is great if you want to compare too keyword lists and view the similar / different keywords.  The site is run heavily on Javacript again so you won’t need to reload the page to see the results.

Other keywording sites:

  • FindPhotoKeywords
  • Arcurs keywording
  • Dusegard Tool

Try them all out and pick one you like.

Which one works best for you?


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